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What is Three Gun?
01:22 min If you want to participate in a competition that features, rifle, handgun and shotgun - three gun might be for you.
Gun Talk - Ep 1, Pt 1: Handgun Training
06:58 min In this premiere episode of the second season of Gun Talk Television, Tom Gresham and Ryan Gresham talk with Handgun Combatives' Dave Spaulding about his training techniques, and what you didn't learn in your concealed carry permit class.
DH: Type 4 Malfunction
00:38 min A segment from Gun Talk’s “Fighting with the 1911 with Tiger McKee” DVD.
What are Grains?
01:15 min The answers to your questions on our video Q&A.
Smooth Trigger Pull
00:25 min A tip on trigger pull from Team Smith & Wesson shooter, Julie Golob.
Gun Talk - Ep 2, Part 4
07:10 min Gun Talk takes a look at the 1911 pistol at two premier gun fighting schools.
Buck Knives
03:58 min CJ Buck shows us some of the new knives from Buck including some space age fillet knives.
Gun Talk - Episode 1, Part 1
04:17 min Gun Talk takes a look at the most popular rifle in America, the AR-15.
Shooting Your AR-15
02:24 min Smith & Wesson shooter, Jerry Miculek, shows you how to grip and shoot your AR-15 to shoot better and faster.
DH: Fighting Stance
01:43 min A segment from Gun Talk’s “Fighting with the 1911 with Tiger McKee” DVD.
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