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Timney Triggers for the IWI Tavor Rifle
03:05 min Tom talks with Timney Trigger's John Vehr. Changing out the trigger of an IWI Tavor rifle with a Timney Triggers trigger is easy, and results in about a 6-lb difference in trigger pull,
USPSA - Runnin' and Gunnin'
01:07 min Now this is the way to have fun! Julie G gives us a GREAT demo of USPSA.
What Makes the 1911 Timeless?
02:25 min The 1911 pistol was designed almost 100 years ago and is still one of the more popular styles of handguns. The guys from Springfield Armory show us why this continues to be such a popular gun to this day.
Revolver Loading
04:44 min Tips and Tricks on loading a revolver in self defense applications.
LaserLyte Lasers for Small Guns
04:23 min New lasers for the newest small guns, including the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and the Springfield Armory XDs .45.
GGTip: Lighter Calibers for New Hunters
00:55 min Barnes Bullets' Jessica suggests their Triple-Shock X (TSX) bullets (loaded in the VOR-TX ammo) for new hunters: You can drop in grain or caliber for less recoil, but still have a very effective hunting round.
Which Gauge for Which Game?
04:31 min Matching the gauge to the game you are hunting makes a big difference on your success.
03:49 min Doug Ritter talks with Jeff Goddard from KERSHAW about the new folding knives they were showing at the 2008 SHOT Show.
Improving Competition Time
01:13 min Team Smith & Wesson's Julie Golob takes you through some dry fire practice drills to improve your overall time in competitions
Mossberg FLEX System Shotgun
05:10 min Consisting of a variety of interchangeable recoil pads, stocks, barrels, etc., the FLEX System allows the user to customize their shotgun for hunting, self-defense, youth shooters, and more!
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