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Dealing with Rifle Recoil
02:03 min Your stance can help you manage recoil whether it be for hunting or competition and AR-15 shooting.
Shotgun Grip
01:07 min Wingshooting starts with the grip. Top instructor, Bryan Bilinski, shows you the finer points of shotgun grip.
Getting A First Handgun
04:52 min What is a good first handgun? That Dirty Harry .44 Magnum may not be the right one for you.
Shooting the No. 1
03:23 min Practicing with a single shot rifle.
The Springfield Armory Operator
01:22 min This is one loaded 1911! The boys at Springfield Armory know how to make a great 1911 and here's one that has all the bells and whistles.
SOG Knives - New Fixed Blade
04:43 min Doug Ritter from Equipped to Survive interviews Spencer Frazer on the new fixed blades.
Sig Sauer Blaser Tactical 2
05:47 min For long distance shooting - the Sig Sauer Blaser Tac2
CC1: Small Guns
02:06 min A segment from Gun Talk’s “Conceal Carry 1 with VATA Group” DVD.
Browning Black Label Tactical Knives
04:49 min Browning's been in the knife business for more then 50 years. Their latest line of tactical blades includes the Shadow Fax and the Perfect Storm.
How to Shoot from a Bench
03:03 min Shooting from a bench is effective and easy when you know the correct technique. This should save you time and ammo when sighting in your rifle.
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